Telemedicine As a Therapy Option

COVID-19 Immunity and Protecting Your Community
April 2, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions
June 17, 2020

Social distancing has caused us all to find new ways of communication. As medical practitioners, we are committed to being there for our patients, now more than ever. Telemedicine allows us to provide the same level of care from a safe distance at your convenience. 

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine gives a chance to connect with patients while keeping everyone safe. Through web-based video ‘chats’ we can discuss your concerns and provide you the medical care you need while being at the comfort of your home. While this used to be a ‘futuristic’ way to practice medicine, it has quickly become the norm to help flatten the curve for the spread of coronavirus. Being innovative will enable us to stay on track of our health despite the threat we are facing. We are committed to making this method of medical service for the safety of everyone.

Providing the Same Level of Care

With telemedicine, you will receive the same attention and level of care as you did when you came to the office. We will discuss your needs via our telehealth appointment and decide how to move forward. Dr. Sonya Patel will evaluate the patient’s health history documents. You will be sent new patient documents to complete and email back prior to your consult if this is your first visit with Dr. Patel. She will review your labs and current supplement/medication list if you have any. If you have any recent labs and can email them prior to your consult it would be helpful for Dr. Patel to be prepared for your consult and make use of your time. You will receive nutritional information (foods to consume, avoid), immune system recommendations based on your body type, supplement links with a customized listing of recommendations with a discount (when possible), a summary email of the conference with all recommendations written. Dr. Patel will also provide her personal email so if you have any questions, you can be in touch with her. 

We are supporting social distancing during this time but encouraging emotionally connecting to provide the right medical help for each of our patients. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us (  

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