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At Mirvana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, we treat a wide range of health challenges, including pain, inflammation, infertility, menstrual disorders, digestive issues, mood, insomnia, fatigue, immunity problems, and other systemic disorders. Using the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices of acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as patient education, we focus on treating the whole patient, and the root cause of your disorder. As a result, you will not only experience an improvement in your specific condition but better overall health and sense of wellbeing.
Mirvana Acupuncture is a part of the Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Community Care Network. Acupuncture can now be offered to veterans through the VA system at no cost to the patient.


We offer a suite of health and wellness services. Each is designed to complement and support one another, while bringing you back to your optimal state of balance.

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Whether your goal is to move without pain, to alleviate stress, to have more energy, or to become a parent, I can support you in achieving optimal health.

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Dr. Sonya

Sonya Patel, certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, brings over 20 years of experience to Sugar Land.
Sonya earned valedictory status in both undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Houston and the American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.
She received her doctorate degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine/California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.
Sonya is one of Houston’s first to be credentialed in facial acupuncture renewal and fertility acupuncture. In addition, Dr. Patel is one of the first practitioners to offer acupuncture through the Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Community Care Network in the Sugar Land area at no cost to the veterans.
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I came to Dr Patel having been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy for the second time. She came highly recommended, and I was hopeful that she would, through acupuncture, be able to help me regain the use of the muscles and nerves in my face. Dr Patel has been kind, patient, and upfront from the beginning. She put me at ease and began treating me within days of my paralysis. Acupuncture has been an integral part of my healing process. I am now able to close my eye, wiggle my eyebrows, and even use my cheek muscles! None of these things were possible when I first began seeing Dr. Patel.In addition to being an excellent practitioner, her entire office staff has been kind, patient, and understanding of my anxiety related to my Bell’s Palsy.Highly recommend scheduling an appointment!


My bladder control issues were interfering with my daily activities and well being. Dr. Patel restored my active life and confidence! She was passionate about solving and managing my health concerns. When I developed an issue with extensive canker sores, she reached out to colleagues to resolve this. I’m forever indebted and grateful to Dr. Patel for improving my quality of life. Dr. Patel focuses on the wellness of seniors, taking us seriously, when others may not. She is patient, communicates effectively, all while being extremely compassionate. Dr. Patel continually and foremost treats each person as an individual looking out for their best interest.


Sonia at Mirvana Acupuncture is extremely knowledgeable, warm and caring. She provides a very relaxing atmosphere where her staff is very helpful and friendly. As a psychotherapist, I am a believer in mind/body connection and refer my patients to Sonia as acupuncture has been shown to help in the relief of stress and anxiety.

Lisa Davila

Essential Oils to Avoid While Pregnant and Breastfeeding.

Expectant and new moms are always careful to eat and do the right things to protect the health of their babies. We often take for granted that the many products we put on our body can affect the fetus and breast milk as well. This is because skin care product ingredients are absorbed instantly through our skin and directly into the blood stream impacting the health of both mommy and baby.

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