Although many Texas businesses are beginning to loosen their Covid-19 protocols, Mirvana Acupuncture will continue to enforce safety measures to help reduce exposure. Listed below are the precautions and guidelines we are using to ensure yours/our safety at Mirvana Acupuncture:

1- Face Masks Required Upon Entry: Mirvana Acupuncture will continue to require face masks or face coverings for all employees, patients, and visitors. You will not be allowed into our clinic unless you have a mask on. You will be charged for the appointment if you are not masked and we will ask you to reschedule.

2- Patients with Symptoms Must Wait Two Weeks: We ask that patients refrain from being seen for two weeks should they experience any symptoms of illness. Patients who cancel an appointment for this reason will not be permitted to reschedule within this two-week time frame.

3- Social Distancing: The spaciousness of our new office lends itself to social distancing standards and greatly reduces the potential of patient interaction. In the event that patients do find themselves in the same area, we ask that they please maintain a distance of six feet or greater.

4- Increased Cleaning Routines: Sheets and call button coverings are changed between patients, face rests are sanitized, and commonly touched areas are disinfected on a regular basis. Hand sanitizer is also available.

5- Express Checkout: Patients have the option of express checkout and may walk directly out after their treatment. We will confirm your preferred payment method when you book your appointment. Payment options: Zelle, cash, check, or credit card.

While our office complies with the State Health Department and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention infection control guidelines to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we cannot make any guarantees. We actively try to make a safe space for everyone, however there is no perfect environment. By accepting and attending appointments, you do so at your own risk.